K&P COVE CONSULTANCY SDN BHD has established itself on December 2007 (Cove Consultancy) and fully-established later as a private limited company in 2011 in conjunction with the expansion of various services to cater the current market demands of development industry services especially in Building Surveying and Building Management.


The company comprises of professionals who have attained the standard required by Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM). All partners and employees in the organization are committed to conduct their operation with the highest level of professional integrity and ethic laid down by the Institute. Our core business activities is building survey, which is sometimes called a condition survey. This is a comprehensive visual inspection on existing building stocks. Building survey is carried out to all types of property, including dwelling, commercial, institutional, historical, industry and warehouse buildings.


We understand that our clients are seeking a professionaland quality service. Below are our customer service policies:

We have developed computerised job tracking and quality assurance systems designed to help us ensure the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.


All our partners are well-trained professional whom have their specialization in different subjects. With this combination of teamwork and technical acumen, K&P COVE CONSULTANCY is able to act as a one-stop centre to deliver the best service and support to our clients, from survey and design to the actual execution of works and final delivery of product.


K&P COVE CONSULTANCY is committed to the effective use of new technology, specific to both the building industry and to general business operation. Our systems are designed to provide our clients with an excellent level of information about our works as well as to maintain tight control on every project we undertake.

These systems include:

Our job tracking and record-keeping system utilises digital cameras to record works in progress, ensuring better reporting to our clients as well as maintaining our own accurate internal reports.


Our electronic mail system includes a virtual private network for confidential internal communication as well as an external system that enables us to report to clients quickly and efficiently.

In order to achieve the international quality standard, K&P COVE CONSULTANCY is committed to have the Quality Management system which is to direct and control our activities in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our performance. These activities interact and are affected by being in the system, so the isolation and study of each one in detail will not necessarily lead to an understanding of the system as a whole. The main thrust of a QMS is in setting the targetand defining the processes, which will result in the production of quality products and services