We are building survey services company specializing in measuring existing building using Laser Technology and Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) as built floor plans to a specific usage requirement provided by the client. We measure commercial, industrial, retail, medical, and residential buildings; from a single unit, several units, to an entire building. We provide cost effective services for property owners and space planners which would like to verify their space size.

Our site crew are well-trained and extremely skilled professionals who will measure every corner accessible of your existing building, using most advanced measuring technology as stated above, ensuring not only fast and high accuracy floor plans, but also silent and non-disruption process for your clients. Our finished floor plans are detailed, accurate, and to scale.

Our methodology is simple and advanced approach. We measure your building mainly from inside and partially from outside to insure an accurate result.

We provide the services of :

The purposes of as built measurement are for: