Construction Quality is a continuous and complicated process commencing from the design, contractor selection, construction process, quality inspection and defect inspection. We provide services as an independent Construction Quality Control & Consultation throughout the process to assist your consultant team to minimise the ineffective works and defects in the future.


Our Construction Quality Audit Team will act as an independent auditor to monitor and assist your consultant team to ensure that the QUALITY ISSUES NEVER FAILED. The audit commences from the earthwork, building structural works, M&E installation and Architectural Finishing works. Moreover, we will also highlight the potential quality issues. As we believe preventive is always better than corrective.


Furthermore, we are also the Independent Construction Quality Assessment System Consultant (QLASSIC) who provides the Independent Pre-QLASSIC / CONQUAS Assessment for developers and contractors. QLASSIC is an independent assessment system that implemented by CIDB Malaysia to evaluate the quality of building works. A QLASSIC score and certificate will be generated to represent the quality of works for a project. Nowadays, QLASSIC Score is no longer merely a scoring system to benchmark the quality of project but to evaluate the performance of a contractor as well as a marketing tool to give assurance to the house buyers.