Design is about forward planning, forward thinking and having an innovative mind to bring the best out of the environment in which we live, work, and play.

K&P COVE CONSULTANCY offers guidance on many other property related services such as interior design, colours and finishes when you wish to prepare the house for yourself or prepare the property for the rental or sales market. We offer professional interior design advisory and consultancy, interior styling and furnishing of flats, offices and public buildings. With our help you can maximise house potential and improve quality of living. We can give a new look to your property by exploring spaces and adding variety of functions. We offer great design responses to every budget by creating accurate and reasonable costing schemes. We can visualise design ideas by using computer drawings.


We will help our clients to assess the building in term of its surrounding environment such as ventilation, circulation, orientation, building layout, existing building services, energy consumption,advantage and disadvantage of the building. From that, in-house designer will design the building according to client’s requirements, taking in consideration of the above factors and lastly our project manager will oversee the execution of the entire works.

This is a one-stop package specially designed to cater for the market demand on building assessment, defects identification and rectification works, interior design and renovation works/ refurbishment of old buildings.