Pre-acquisition advice is often required by a potential buyer or tenant prior to their decision to purchase or rent a property. A wrong estimation by a layman on the degree of remedial works required, ignorance on the potential problem and operation cost could easily lead to a wrong investment and financial loss.


Our advices include the following:


K&P COVE CONSULTANCY offers our client to assess the condition of the building, in particular, the structure, fabrics and components, finishes, services and safety requirements. Surveys are a kind of ‘health check’ for buildings by a building doctor. If you’re buying a property, you should have a building survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor before you enter into a contract – or before making an offer.


A building survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor can actually save your money. If there are serious building problems, you can often re-negotiate the sale price of the building / property to reflect the cost of necessary repairs – or you may even decide you don’t want to buy the building at all. There may be hidden building problems in the property that would cost a huge amount to put right – and they won’t appear in the valuation report.